Tuesday, March 6th.
9:21 I woke up.
10:41 I start my day with a cup of coffee.

Patterns catch my attention.
11:38 This pattern is from the leg press at the gym.
I like to go to the gym in the morning now, which is the opposite of my schedule in the past.
Last year I would love to go to the gym late at night when it was empty.
Now I don’t have the same energy for that. I feel more awake in the morning, which is funny because I don’t consider myself a morning person.
I wake up and look forward to going to the gym so much that I wish I could fast forward my breakfast so I could go immediately.

This summer I will be completing a personal training certification course and I’m so excited.
It’s a ten week course and once I’m certified I have the choice to complete an internship working with a trainer at a gym near me.
I hope I pass the exam on the first try.
The passing rate is 70% on the first try.

12:53 I accidentally took this photo while on my way to my first class.
12:54 Crossing the rainbow bridge to go to Lazarus for my History of Graphic Design class.
1:21 Lecture on Photomontage today. It’s hard to take a photo in the middle of class without looking like I’m not paying attention.
3:31 There are plenty of stickers stuck along the bridge but this one caught my attention most today.
3:35 It got much cloudier since I first walked across the bridge.
4:01 I stopped at Cafe Doris to get lunch.
6:41 The sun is setting later and I’m not complaining.
8:34 Tonight’s class is On Being Human. We are discussing the Tao te Ching. We had our class discussion through the lens of Wu Wei, or “not doing.”
8:35 This is my favorite passage from our discussion. It represents the Tao te Ching perfectly. The passage creates a calming and reassuring state of mind for not only me and my classmates, but the general audience as well. This is the most popular verse from the book.
10:31 While I like to go to bed early, the rest of MICA is awake.

11:31 I play piano before I go to bed. It seems like the only time of day I even think to play. I always see my keyboard in my room but during the day it doesn’t cross my mind to practice. I have a personal guilt about this. I should play more. It’s the reason I have the keyboard, afterall.
I started playing classical piano when I was a freshman in highschool. So, I played nearly everyday in highschool and I had a lesson every Monday for four years straight. Last year as a freshman in college I didn’t have a keyboard and that has set me back quite a bit. I’m trying to catch up to where I was.